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Eligible Criteria
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Lock-in Period

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme or RGESS is a new equity tax advantage savings scheme for equity investors in India, with the stated objective of "encouraging the savings of the small investors in the domestic capital markets."

- A 'new retails investor' whose gross total income for the financial year, in which investments are made under the scheme, is less than or equal to 10 lakh.

- Any individual who has opened a demat account before the scheme's notification, but has not made any transactions in the equity segment or the derivative till the date of notification.

- List of stocks in ''NSE CNX-100'' and ''BSE-100''.

- Stocks of PSU companies that are categorized as Maharatna, Navratna or Miniratna by the Central Govt.

- Units of exchange – traded funds (ETFs) or mutual fund schemes with RGESS-eligible securities

- Follow – on public offer of stocks included in NSE CNX-100, BSE-100 and the specifies public sector enterprises, besides new fund offers of ETFs & mutual funds

The holding period of eligible securities is three years, with fixed lock in of first year and flexible lock in period of two years. In the 'flexible lock-in' period investors will be permitted to trade, subject to conditions.

An assesse whose Gross Total Income Is 9,75,000/- invested 70,000/- in PPF, 25,000/- in NSC, 15,000/- in LIC premium & 50,000/- in eligible securities under RGESS, the computation of Total Income would be as under:

Gross Total Income   9,75,000/-
Less Deduction u/s 80 C
Deduction u/s 80 CCG
(50% of 50,000/-)
Gross Total Income   8,50,000/-

Thus, an investor can save an additional tax upto 5000/- (i.e. 25000 x 20%) by investing upto 50,000/- into RGESS.

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