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  • SENSEX Jul 23 2018 11:40
    36,569.04 +72.67 ( +0.20%)
  • NIFTY Jul 23 2018 11:45
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Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

BSE Code : 524804 | NSE Symbol : AUROPHARMA | ISIN:INE406A01037| SECTOR: - |



7.95 (1.36%) Volume 280564

23-Jul-2018 11:34:59

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Today’s High/Low 595.35 - 595.35

52 wk High/Low 809.45 - 527.00

Key Stats

MARKET CAP (RS CR) 34102.75
P/E 18.81
BOOK VALUE (RS) 170.37807
DIV (%) 250
EPS (TTM) 30.94
PRICE/BOOK 3.41622604364517
DIV YIELD.(%) 0.43

News & Announcements


Aurobindo Pharma to acquire Apotex' businesses in Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium


Aurobindo Pharma Ltd eases for fifth straight session


Aurobindo Pharma Ltd - Aurobindo Pharma Limited - Press Release


Aurobindo Pharma Ltd - Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Acquisition


Aurobindo Pharma to acquire Apotex' businesses in Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain and


Aurobindo Pharma receives USFDA approval for Ibuprofen capsules OTC


Aurobindo Pharma receives USFDA approval for Ertapenem Injection


Aurobindo Pharma to convene board meeting

Corporate Actions

Capital Structure
Book Closure
Board Meeting


Income Statement


Peers Comparsion

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Alembic Ltd 506235 ALEMBICLTD
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd 533573 APLLTD
Alkem Laboratories Ltd 539523 ALKEM
ANG Lifesciences India Ltd 540694
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Bal Pharma Ltd 524824 BALPHARMA
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Bombay Drugs & Pharma Ltd (Merged) 524512
Brooks Laboratories Ltd 533543 BROOKS
Cadila Healthcare Ltd 532321 CADILAHC
Cebon India Ltd 524272
Celestial Biolabs Ltd 532871 CELESTIAL
Cepham Organics Ltd 507756
Cipla Ltd 500087 CIPLA
Claris Lifesciences Ltd 533288
Concord Drugs Ltd 538965
Dee-Pharma Ltd 507722 DEEPHARMA
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd 540701 DCAL
Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd 500124 DRREDDY
Dr Sabharwals Manufacturing Labs Ltd 507743
Dr.Datsons Labs Ltd 533412 DRDATSONS
Druid Pharma Ltd 40430
Eupharma Laboratories Ltd 530409 EUPHARMLAB
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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd 532296 GLENMARK
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Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd 532041
Hindustan Biotech Ltd 40162
Indoco Remedies Ltd 532612 INDOCO
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IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd 524164 IOLCP
Ipca Laboratories Ltd 524494 IPCALAB
J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd 506943 JBCHEPHARM
Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd 507789 JAGSNPHARM
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Jupiter Bioscience Ltd 524826 JUPITER
KDL Biotech Ltd 532291 KOPDRUGS
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Lasa Supergenerics Ltd 540702 LASA
Lupin Laboratories Ltd (Merged) 500258 LUPINLAB
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Mesco Pharmaceuticals Ltd 500274 MESCOPHARM
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P C I Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd 524792
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Phaarmasia Ltd 523620
Pharmaceutical Products of India Ltd 524113 PPIL
Piramal Enterprises Ltd 500302 PEL
Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd (Merged) 500359 RANBAXY
RPG Life Sciences Ltd 532983 RPGLIFE
Saamya Biotech (India) Ltd 532905
Sakar Healthcare Ltd 538377 SAKAR
Sandoz (India) Ltd (Merged) 531990
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Shree Ganesh Biotech India Ltd 539470
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SMS Lifesciences India Ltd 540679 SMSLIFE
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Source Natural Foods & Herbal Supplements Ltd 531398
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Sumitra Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Ltd (Merged) 524133 SUMITRAPHA
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Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd 524661
Wintac Ltd 524758
Wockhardt Ltd 532300 WOCKPHARMA
Zillion Pharmachem Ltd 524476 ZILONPHARM
Zota Health Care Ltd 538426 ZOTA

Share Holding

Category No. of shares Percentage
Total Foreign 104136130 17.77
Total Institutions 92710520 15.82
Total Govt Holding 0 0.00
Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding 0 0.00
Total Promoters 303925934 51.87
Total Public & others 85135025 14.53
Total 585907609 100
  • Total Foreign
  • Total Institutions
  • Total Govt Holding
  • Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding
  • Total Promoters
  • Total Public & others

About Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

Aurobindo Pharma Limited (APL), one of the world's top 5 manufacturers of semi synthetic penicillins was incorporated in 26th December 1986 as a private limited company. Mr. P.V.Ramaprasad Reddy, Mr. K.Nityananda Reddy and a small, highly committed group of professionals founded it. APL is developing, manufacturing and marketing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs also referred as bulk actives), intermediates and generic formulations. The company's robust product portfolio is spread over 6 major product areas encompassing (Antibiotics, Anti-Retro Virals, CVS, CNS, Gastroenterologicals, and Anti-Allergics) with around 65 APIs in the non-antibiotics and over 55 APIs in the antibiotic segment and the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, has also approved Aurobindo's products. APL is running with 14 manufacturing plants across the world conforming to GMP/ISO regulations and an extremely well equipped R&D facility. Aurobindo Pharma has identified international operations also catering to over 100 countries. The Company has accelerated the DMF/ANDA filings programme in its efforts to build a broad product portfolio for the regulated markets. Cumulatively, the Company has filed a total of 337 DMFs (Drug Master Files), of which 110 are with US FDA, and 133 in Europe including with the EDQM and 102 in other countries. This is one of the highest filings. The Company commenced its operations during the year 1988-89 with a single unit manufacturing semi synthetic penicillins (SSPs) at Pondicherry and it became a public venture in 1992. In the same year 1992, another unit was also set up for the manufacture of CMIC Chloride, a bulk drug intermediate at Pashamylaram, near Hyderabad through another company, namely Chaitanya Organics Pvt. Ltd. Later in 1994-95, it was merged with the company. The commercial production of the pharmaceutical formulation unit was started in April of the year 1994. Aurobindo Pharma had gone public in 1995 by listing its shares in various stock exchanges in the country. Glaxo (India), the Indian subsidiary of the UK-based multinational came to an alliance with the company to meet its global bulk drug requirements during the year 1997. In the year 1998, the company had launched new formulations like auronim Suspension in the paediatric segment. During 1999-2000, the company diversified its product portfolio further with the introduction of wide range of Cephalosporins (Oral & Sterile) and anti - virals in addition to macrolides, anti-ulcerants, quinolones, semi-synthetic penicillins and formulations for domestic and export market. APL made Joint Ventures for formulations business in US, with an investment of a million in the year 2000. Sri Chakra Remedies Ltd was amalgamated with the company in the identical year of 2000. The Company has launched an exclusive anti-viral division Immune during the year 2001 to educate and to provide preventive drug care for HIV/AIDS patients in the country. APL had launched two more drugs in the same year of 2001, namely Efavirenz (Viranz) and Nelfinavir (NELVEX) for the treatment of AIDS. During the year 2001-02 the company acquired 79% stake in Ranit Pharma Company under the same management. Ranit Pharma and Calc Private Ltd were amalgamated with APL as at 1st April of the year 2002. Citadel Aurobindo Biotech Ltd, a 50:50 Joint Venture (JV) Company introduced Aztreonam a Monabactam Betalactam antibiotic for the first time in the Indian Pharma Market with a brand name 'TREONAM' in the year 2003. During the same year the JV was happened between APL and Shanxi Tongling Pharmaceuticals Company, as an upshot formulated the JV Company under the name of Aurobindo Tongling (Datong) pharmaceuticals Ltd, China, for manufacture of pharmaceutical products to the local market. APL's 100% subsidiary company in China had commenced its commercial production during the year 2003-2004, which was formulated to procure raw material 6 APA at an economical cost. APL also launched the second JV Company in US for the purpose of Research and Development. During the year 2004, the company received its first Certificate of Suitability (CoS) approval from the European Directorate for Quality Medicines (EDQM) for its product in the therapeutic segment of gastroenterology. During the year 2004-05 the company acquired a sterile plant of Dee Pharma for the consideration of Rs.38 million which located at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. US FDA part of Department of health and human science approved the Unit VIII facility of the company in the year of 2005 as a site to manufacture of APIs for the US Market. Also in the same year APL had received US FDA clearance for AIDS drug. The State Labour Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh has awarded the 'Best Management Award' for the year 2005 for the Company's contributions towards community development, harmonious employee relations and their welfare. During the year 2005-06, the company made a strategic entry with its generic formulations in the premium markets of USA & Europe, participated in the PEPFAR program initiated by the Government of USA and consolidated its strengths in the less regulated and emerging markets. Also in same year APL had acquired the UK based Milpharm Limited, the generic formulation pharmaceutical company engaged in marketing generic formulations mainly in the UK market. During March of the year 2007, the US FDA has granted final approval for the Company's Didanosine Oral Suspension (Pediatric Powder) 10 mg / ml. As at June 13th of the year 2007 the Company unveiled their new Logo and Corporate Identity at a ceremony in Hyderabad. The new corporate logo reflects this pace and leadership. Artistic lines intersect to make up the company's initials 'A' and 'P'. The way the initials 'A' and 'P' have joined conveys the spirit of 'partnership' with the company's business. The Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh has approved the scheme of arrangement for merger of APL Life Sciences and Senor Organics into the company and the utilisation of share premium account of the company during June of the year 2007. APL concluded a strategic deal, for acquisition of intellectual property & marketing suthorizations, with TAD Italy, a generic company registered in Italy during March of the year 2008. This acquisition will give Aurobindo an access to more than 70 ready to market products, which will fast track Aurobindo's entry into the Italian generic market. As a part of this deal, APL also acquired high profile OTC brands - Mapooro and Carmiooro from TAD in same period of the year 2008. On 6 September 2010, Aurobindo Pharma announced that it has entered into licensing and supply agreements with AstraZeneca, one of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies, to supply several solid dosage and sterile products for emerging markets. On 11 January 2011, Aurobindo Pharma announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement with China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm) to divest in its subsidiary company Aurobindo (Datong) Bio Pharma Co Ltd, China (ADBPL), subject to regulatory approvals. ADBPL is engaged in manufacturing of 6APA, a derivative of Penicillin-G. Aurobindo Pharma decided to retain 19.50% stake in ADBPL so as to ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials at competitive price. On 7 September 2011, Aurobindo Pharma announced the establishment of an equal joint venture in Russia with OJSC DIOD to manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. On 1 April 2014, Aurobindo Pharma announced the completion of the acquisition of certain commercial operations in Western Europe from Actavis plc, a global, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing generic, brand and biosimilar products. The agreement to acquire the Actavis operations was announced in January 2014. On 5 December 2014, Aurobindo Pharma announced the completion of acquisition of assets of nutritional supplement maker, Natrol Inc. and other affiliate entities (Natrol) through its wholly owned subsidiary Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc. (APUSA). On 12 November 2014, APUSA emerged as the highest and best bidder to acquire assets of Natrol under the auction process by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. APUSA acquired the manufacturing assets, personnel, commercial infrastructure including the well established nutraceuticals brands in USA of Natrol along with an agreement to take on certain liabilities, with a bid of $132.5 million. On 25 November 2016, Arrow Generiques SAS, a French subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the right, title and interest in its products Calcium and Calcium Vitamin D3 in France, including the use of the OROCAL trademark, from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. On 7 January 2017, Aurobindo Pharma announced the signing of a binding agreement by and through its wholly owned step-down subsidiary, Agile Pharma B.V, Netherlands, to acquire Generis Farmaceutica SA, a Portuguese pharmaceutical company, for a total consideration 135 million Euro, including net working capital of 21.7 million Euro. On 9 February, 2017, Aurobindo Pharma announced the acquisition of four cell culture derived biosimilar products from TL Biopharmaceutical AG. As part of this agreement, TL will supply all the developmental data for four molecules and Aurobindo and/or its affiliates will develop, commercialize and market these products globally.

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